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Canestrato Pecorino Cheese

For the production of the Epico canestrato pecorino cheese, the milk is selected each day in the grazing farms of the Monte Poro area. The milking period is comprised mainly between November and June, when the milk has a higher percentage of fat and protein. The initial tests are carried out in our plant, cryoscopy and acidity, and if the results are favourable the milk undergoes a process of transformation within twenty-four hours. It first undergoes pasteurization at a temperature of 72 ° C., is then brought to a temperature of 38 ° C and rennet and milk enzymes are added to make it coagulate. The curd is broken into grains, then poured into moulds and immediately turned over in order to obtain rind uniformity. The forms thus obtained remain in the steaming room for about four hours and then are transferred into the resting room for another 12 hours. Salting is done manually on each form before they are transferred to the ripening room at a temperature of 10° C and 80-90% humidity. After a period of 25/30 days the product is ready for sale. The forms are cylindrical, with a basket weave pattern rind and different weights (600gr - 1200gr - 5000 gr - 10.000 grams) with a pale yellow uniform paste and a slightly spicy flavour. We suggest you combine it with a mousse of onion or chilli pepper jam and accompany it with a full-bodied red wine.


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